Agriturismo Leone, Taste of Autumn

Here at the Agriturismo Leone we never stop, even when it rains. After an exceptional harvest, accompanied by the usual seasonal rites (such as preparation of quince jam with quince), our boys engage in the pruning of the vines, a job strictly done by hand, and decanting in order to remove the scum from the [...]

2016-11-29T15:39:13+01:0025 November 2016|

Autumn, harvest time at the Leone Farmhouse

Long rows of vines – with blacks d'Avola, the true Sicilian wine, or Syrah Cabernet, but also whites of character as Grillo, Catarratto - are producing grapes that soon will become the appreciated wines we serve to our guests at the Leone Farmahouse, the best Farmhouse in Noto. However, our specialty is the Moscato of Noto, [...]

2016-10-14T00:01:11+02:008 October 2016|
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